Prevent identity TheftThe reasons that people use IP Address hiding software are many.  Don’t be discouraged or afraid to seek out help when you need it. IP hiding software like proxies and Virtual Private Networks can ensure your safety and anonymity. There is nothing wrong with a little healthy paranoia and you can never be too careful about what you share online. Identity theft is one of the most common types of fraud. There are more identity thieves every year as the world explodes into the cloud.

The list of people who are happy to sell a strangers identity for a quick buck will only grow longer with each passing year. The best way to protect yourself is by IP masking and preserving as much online anonymity that you can. Every responsible net native is well aware of the risks they take browsing the web.

When it comes to password protection and dodging obvious phishing attempts, but there are some threats that every veteran misses. By staying anonymous you have the advantage of using the internet with as much or as little of your identity out there as you prefer. This allows a second wall of protection that is safe in a whole different way. With proxies and VPN you can dodge hijacks and packet sniffing before it even becomes a concern. There are several instruments out there that can provide you anonymity and subtlety online.

Proxy Anonymous SurfingProxies as we’ve mentioned before are excellent methods of providing anonymity. They are useful because they are so very many proxies to choose from. They hardest part about using them is picking the best one for your needs. They are typically free and if you are doing low-bandwidth activity online they can be everything you need, and avoid everything you don’t. Finding the best proxy is simply a matter of trying to determine what your needs are and sticking to them.

They vary to different degrees by quality and there are some factors to consider. Some offer infinite bandwidth but are slow. Other proxy servers offer a capped amount of bandwidth but a steady connection. The biggest flaw in the nature of proxies are network latency and lack of a secure connection. However there are other options if you need a more thorough solution.

VPN anonymous IP addressVirtual Private Networks or VPN’s are like the second generation of online anonymity solutions. If the proxy showed market demand and potential for anonymous connection than the VPN truly makes the most of it. Usually the providers aren’t mutually exclusive with either solution. A VPN is typically the pride and joy of the provider.

There are a few VPN’s out there that exhibit a serious and surprising pride of ownership.  A VPN is a more well rounded system for providing anonymity and each one has its strengths. Some offer customer and community support and others their own Wiki’s. Unlike a proxy a VPN is faster and almost always more reliable. The software engineering allows for more customized activity than simple browsing. We recommend trying one out for yourself.

Top 3 IP Address Hiding Software Providers

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