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IP Address Hiding Software AndroidIt is a fact that without having IP address hiding software for Android handsets a person would not be able to access websites like Hulu and Netflix outside The US (these sites are only available for American residents).  The same is true for those outside The UK who want to watch BBC iPlayer, or someone outside Canada who wants to watch HNIC online.

A person would have to find a way to hide his original IP address if he wants to use the Netflix or Hulu app on his Android smartphone. Without hiding his IP address a person would not be able to use these website apps on his Android because the servers of these websites would see his non-American IP address and would block him from accessing the website.

Hiding your IP is how you get access to these sites, regardless of where you are, or what site you want to unblock.

Android VPN IPThe region restricted websites like Netflix and Hulu all check the IP address of a user before letting him access the website. If the IP address trying to access the website is not of the country to which the website belongs then the website will not allow that IP address to view the website.

Most American citizens who are trying to access Netflix and Hulu in other countries from their Androids encounter this problem. The only way through which they can access these websites on their Androids is by hiding the IP address of the country they are present in and adopting an American IP address.

Now, in order to hide the IP address on an Android, a person would have to either make use of a VPN or a Proxy. Since VPNs are more secure and can be installed easily on Androids, I prefer using VPNs rather than Proxies. A VPN actual software – once installed, it can be run from in the background and forgotten.  To use a web based proxy you need to open your browse, connect to the proxy site, and browse from there.

Anonymous IP AndroidPlus, a VPN will allow you to stream more stuff and access more blocked content.  Some sites are ble to detect proxies, and block them. By using a VPN a person can adopt a ‘virtual’ American IP address and can gain access to the restricted American websites, or  UK IP and access British websites.  VPNs are good for torrents as well, while most proxies are not.  VPNs will also hide the IP of any other software or apps running on your Android – proxies will not.

Another additional advantage of using an IP address hiding software for Androids is that the users would remain free from the attack of hackers. The extra security provided by the VPN will ensure that no one is able to intercept the information exchange taking place between a user and an accessed website. Also, the IP address of the user will be changed by the VPN.

So, anyone who is trying to hack the information of the user will not be able to do so as he would not see the original IP address of the user. Instead he will see the changed IP address that was supplied in by the VPN.

Thus, it is pretty clear that the use of a VPN is very much necessary for accessing region restricted websites. Also, it can be safely said that Android users must use a VPN connection when surfing the web on their Android phones/tablets to ensure privacy. So, if you want to access any restricted website outside your country, get a VPN – the best IP address hiding software for Android.

Best IP Address Hiding Software Service Providers For Android Devices

I’ve personally tried all of the VPN services listed here.  Unlimited bandwidth, fast/friendly support, fast VPN servers, a variety of server locations and payment options, and money back guarantees make these VPN service the best of the best.  Hide My Ass and 12VPN also have free server switching.  As far as IP address hiding software goes, you can’t get any better than these services.


Hide My Ass

hidemyassHMA should be at the top of any VPN review because of what it offers. An astounding 23,500 IP addresses from 208 servers in 38 countries for just over $6 USD per month.  Plus, they have free stuff like a free web proxy, a list of open proxy servers, free anonymous uploading/email/linking, and an awesome reputation. You simply can’t beat HMA, and there’s a 30 day money back guarantee to back it up. ’nuff said.

>>> Official HMA Site



12VPNFriendly customer service and a broader range of devices supported makes 12VPN an essential part of any VPN review list.  If you can’t find it somewhere else, you can get it at 12VPN.  There are lots of nerdy options like port forwarding, military grade encryption, DD-WRT support, and custom VPN options users in areas that ban PPTP/L2TP (China, Egypt)  Don’t let their simple site design fool you, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes.

>>> Official 12VPN Site

>>> China/Middle East Link



strongvpnThere’s are a couple of lite options available here for $55 per year, or $4.5 USD per month, making this your cheapest option.  Live support and a great rep make StrongVPN a fantastic choice.  You can even choose VPN plans based on location, and there are lots of customizable options for server choice, length of subscription, VPN protocols, and more.

>>> Official StrongVPN Site



SecuriTalesNeed something with no installation because you’re at work, school, or frequently use computers you don’t own (ie public library). Web based proxies hide your IP, unblock sites, and do most of what a VPN can do * without any installation.

>>> Official SecuriTales Site

*With web proxies you can’t choose your anonymous IP location or unblock Hulu/Netflix/iPlayer.  You will still be anonymous online, and your private data is safe.  Facebook, YouTube and other sites CAN be unblocked, and many firewalls can be bypassed.


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